Window Shades

Window coverings are more important than most people think. Choosing the right window treatment for your home impacts maintaining the right temperature, saving money on energy costs, protecting your furniture and other belongings, and even making sure you and your family are getting the best sleep possible!

Understanding Window Shades

Did you know that approximately 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through its windows? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 76% of the sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat during warm weather seasons. Choosing the proper shades supports your efforts of heating or cooling your home.

Proper window shades can affect your health when it comes to restful sleep. Studies have shown links to increased depression when sleeping with consistent dim lighting. Luckily, this can be corrected by decreasing the amount of light you’re experiencing during sleep. So turn off the lamp, TV, your phone, and draw down the shades for the best sleep!

Using Window Shades Effectively 

Many window coverings are easily adjustable. However, studies have shown that many people leave their operable window coverings in the same position day-to-day regardless of the weather.

You will get the most out of your shades if you are strategic with how they are used. During the summer, closing blinds to direct sunlight will help prevent absorbing additional heat into your home and opening blinds with indirect sunlight can help brighten your home without affecting the temperature. 

In the winter, take advantage of sunny days by opening blinds to the sun to boost your home’s temperature

Keeping your Window Shades in Good Repair

When you have shades that will not go up or down properly, the roller mechanism is likely at fault, and cleaning the mechanism can go a long way. To clean, remove the shade and take off the flat-pin end metal cap. Using the hose attachment or a small handheld vacuum remove as much dust and debris as possible, then wipe with a soft cloth. Apply a silicone lubricant to the mechanism then replace the metal cap and rehang the shade.

A Service Plan from Lifetime Heating & Cooling gives you the peace of mind that your window coverings will stay operational and a resource for you to keep your house at a comfortable temperature without impacting energy costs!

Why spend time and energy getting the right heating or cooling equipment for your home only for it to be undermined by improper window coverings? Give us a call to talk about how the right window shades can help keep your home comfortable and safe.