Whole House Rewiring

Older homes in Seattle and across Washington State may not have the electrical capacity to accommodate modern appliances the way newer houses can. Because of this, a total house rewiring may be necessary to mitigate electrical hazard and fire risk.

Why Rewire the Whole House?

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, of the nearly 30,000 electrical fires, 39% involve interior wiring or outlets. In many cases, these disasters could be avoided by repairing and replacing faulty wiring. By rewiring the whole house (especially an older home) you’re taking a huge step in safeguarding your home and family against the threat of electrical fire. 

Rewiring your whole house also gives you the opportunity to run electricity to other home renovations you’ve been thinking of adding on. 

Warning Signs of Bad Wiring

Although it’s technically possible, house fires don’t happen overnight without warning. Signs to look for that could signal faulty firing include frequently blown fuses, sizzling sounds, burning smells, discolored plates, cords or plugs, flickering lights, loose outlets, and electrical shock when you go to plug something in. 

If your home is over 40 years old, it’s probably time for a total home rewiring. 

Industry standard has shifted towards copper wiring versus aluminum since copper is stronger and more durable. If you know that your home is wired for aluminum (which is breakable and resistant to electricity) you should have your home rewired. 

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Whole house rewiring is a huge step and a pricy investment. That’s why it’s crucial you have a team who is reliable and trusted. Though doable, we warn against DIYing any electrical services, especially something as daunting as a whole house rewire. Having experienced and licensed professionals take care of things for you ensures that your home is rewired correctly, safely, and up to code. 

Thinking of getting your home rewired or need an inspection before deciding? Come to Lifetime Heating and Cooling. Our team is trained to identify risk factors and are equipped to safely rewire your whole home.