Homes with furnaces for heating require special care and maintenance. Particularly up in King County, WA, we know that the cool winters last a good while, and having reliable heat in your home is important for your family. We service furnaces all throughout the area – from Everett to Kent, and even out as far as Chelan and Leavenworth! 

Understanding Your Home’s Furnace

Do you know what you have in your home? Furnaces are one of five major home heating sources, and furnace efficiency varies widely largely depending on age. A furnace works by heating air and using a motor and air ducts to circulate it throughout the building. Furnaces can operate between 56-98.5% efficiency depending on the age. Older systems typically range between 56% and 70%, with more modern systems reaching as high as 98.5%. Despite this wide variety, many homes in Washington State use furnaces largely because they’re an inexpensive option. In fact, central furnaces remain the most common choice of heating units in homes. 

Maintaining Your Home Furnace

How often should you have your furnace or heating system serviced? Most manufacturers recommend having your system inspected annually. Ideally just before the cold weather hits. You don’t want to get stuck without heat in the winter! The annual inspection will help you prevent problems and keep your HVAC system running longer. In fact, neglecting to perform regular maintenance is among the most common causes of furnace failure, and up to 75% of service calls for malfunctioning units can be traced back to missed maintenance.  Never skip the annual inspection! Additionally, depending on your furnace model, you may need to replace your filter each month. The cost for a new filter is much smaller than the cost to replace your furnace, and will keep your heating system lasting longer.

Having Your Furnace Serviced or Replaced

If you find yourself having trouble with your furnace (and, perhaps, you didn’t get it inspected!), it’s time to get a professional out there. Having an inspection is a vital first step. We can tell you whether we can repair your furnace, or whether it’s time to have it replaced. The average life of a furnace is between 15 and 20 years, sometimes even less. If you have an older system operating at low efficiency we may recommend replacement. Better efficiency means lower electricity bills during the winter! A little investment now can save you thousands of dollars on a replacement and a great deal on your electricity bills. We understand that money is always a consideration, so if it’s time for your inspection, visit our promotions to see what we can do for you! If you’re looking for a new furnace, checkout two of our favorite brands: Trane and Lennox!

Okay, we get it, servicing your furnace isn’t the most exciting part of being a homeowner. We take great pride in doing our job well to make your job as a homeowner easier and less costly. Call us with an inquiry or get signed up with a service plan to make the best of your home!