Have you ever wondered how we create hot and cold air to circulate throughout the house? Physics has given us a lot, and in the case of an air handler it all comes down to a coil! Air Handlers are common systems in homes throughout Washington State because they handle both heating and cooling in a single system. Here in the greater Seattle area we have learned to expect volatile weather conditions, often oscillating between hot and cold in a very short time span! Air Handlers need servicing, too, and we service them all throughout the area – from Everett to Kent, and even out as far as Chelan and Leavenworth! 

Understanding Your Home’s Air Handler

Let’s look back at the coil. Air Handlers are a forced-air system, where a powerful fan circulates air into your home’s air ducts and throughout the house. The air is heated or cooled by a coil which can get very hot, or very cold. In AC mode, the coil absorbs heat from the air with refrigerant. In heat mode, the coil captures and releases the heat, making it very hot. Air Handlers also do a lot of work in your home. Did you know they can circulate 1.4 million cubic feet of air per day? With so much hard work, your Air Handler definitely needs some love.

Maintaining Your Home’s Air Handler

The Air Handler is a component of your home’s HVAC system, and generally is inspected and serviced during HVAC inspection. Like the larger system, it can be expected to last between 10-15 years, sometimes longer with good maintenance! Clean your air handler regularly. With how much air it moves, dust inevitably collects and can inhibit the coil’s ability to heat or cool correctly, and can cause clogs the airways. While the Environmental Protection Agency says that there is no conclusive evidence that air duct cleaning can improve your air quality, it does concede that evidence suggests that cleaning your coils and fans can improve efficiency, and save on energy and maintenance costs. 

Having Your Air Handler Replaced

Generally, Air Handlers are replaced when the outdoor units (air conditioners and heat pumps) are replaced. Skipping an inspection is not recommended! The U.S. Energy Information Administration acknowledges that “more than half of energy use in homes is for heating and air conditioning.” That’s not an insignificant amount of your home expenses. A system that works well not only keeps you feeling warmer or cooler, but will save you money each year, and with each use. When we inspect your system we will recommend replacement only when it’s the right option for you. 

With the hot summer we are having in 2021, it’s not the year to neglect your Air Handler! We know what it feels like to be hot in Seattle and want to help you stay cool. Check out our promotions to see what available options we can offer you, get on a regular service plan, or just call to schedule a consultation. Wherever you’re at, we’re here to help!