Duct Sealing

Homes with A/C and heating systems use ducts to carry warmed or cooled air to various parts of your home. But how efficiently do those ducts carry that air?

A shocking estimated 20 to 30 percent of all air pushed through air ducts is lost through leaks and holes in the system. Poorly connected and sealed ducts not only compromise your heating or cooling system, they end up costing you more, especially during summer highs and winter lows. 

Diagnosing underperforming air ducts: 

There are several tell-tale signs that point to poorly performing ducts.

  • Rooms feeling stuffy or uncomfortable
  • Difficulty heating or cooling rooms 
  • High utility bills

When airflow is disrupted by a faulty air duct, air in a room can feel stagnant, stale, and never ‘just-right’. If you’ve noticed rooms in your home remain cold or warm despite having your heating or cooling systems on full blast, your ducts may be improperly sealed. 

How Duct Sealing Benefits You:

Improves Comfort

First and foremost, air duct sealing keeps you comfortable. Sealing and insulating air ducts helps to improve the airflow throughout your home, letting heated or cooled air to circulate and keeping you comfortable, no matter the weather. 

Improves Indoor Air Quality

When air vents are properly sealed they don’t just let air flow more effectively. They also keep harmful things like chemical pollutants, insulation particles, and dust from entering your duct system. This improvement in air quality has the potential to alleviate asthma symptoms and relieve dust-related allergies. 

Saves Money

As we mentioned earlier, duct sealing saves you money. When air isn’t flowing properly, it isn’t heating or cooling properly either. This can drive up your utilities bill, since air isn’t getting to it’s destination and thus isn’t changing the temperature effectively. Getting ducts sealed helps air to flow quickly and directly, providing relief and saving you money. 

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