custom lighting

Custom Lighting Installation

Lighting can change the mood in a restaurant or an art gallery: why not install custom lighting in your home? The right lighting in a home can enhance a room and add your personal touch to a home. Custom lighting is a great way to give your home a unique feeling that can set it apart from the rest. Proper custom lighting installation is almost as important as the light fixtures themselves, so it’s extremely important to work with specialists who are trained in custom lighting installation. If you’re in the Kirkland area looking for lighting experts to install your custom light fixtures, look no further than Lifetime Heating and Cooling!

Why Install Custom Light Fixtures

There is a wide variety of custom light fixtures that people choose to install to give their home a more personalized feeling and express their unique taste. Maybe you want to add wall sconces up the staircase, or a chandelier in the dining room. Adding custom light fixtures can transform a house into a home and provide a sense of unity throughout the house.

Custom lighting doesn’t have to be purely aesthetic. Adding custom light fixtures underneath kitchen cabinets or along dim hallways can be a practical way to enhance your home.

Maintaining your Custom Light Fixtures

Just like normal ones, custom light fixtures require regular cleaning to shine their brightest. Light fixtures can attract bugs, fill up with cobwebs, and collect dust. Over time this buildup of debris can affect how much light shines into the room. Regular dusting is key to keeping light fixtures clean. Complex chandeliers may need to be taken down in order to be cleaned properly. Using a soap/water mixture, spray crystals in sections, then dry immediately with a clean microfiber cloth.

Things to Keep in Mind

When cleaning your light fixtures it’s important to stay safe. To err on the side of caution, do not attempt to clean fixtures or bulbs until at least one hour after turning them off. To be extra cautious, go to the breaker and turn off the electricity entirely. 

If you’re having issues with lights not working despite having new bulbs, there’s likely an internal electrical issue. Though DIY home projects can save money, electrical issues should always be handled by a professional. 

If you want to take the leap to install beautiful custom lighting in your home, give Lifetime Heating and Cooling a call! Our trained electricians will carefully install your new lights and help add your personal touch to any room in your home.